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Good management of your rental property is an essential part to keep a profitable rental business and to also protect your property investment. Property management includes a number of tasks, such as advertising the property, screening tenants, cleaning carpets and handling the bookkeeping, so you will need to have a number of skill sets in your management. The following provides you with some recommendations to help you with your rental property management solutions and to keep your property maintained as a profitable business.

Follow Management Regulations

As a rental property owner, you will need to keep some regulations and policies to protect your property and keep good tenants. A tenant who moves in and is not given any enforced rules or regulations is more likely to break the rules and potentially cause damage to your property. In a multi-unit property, this type of activity can cause the other residents to become unhappy and increase their chances of moving out because of the problems. Over time, you will lose good tenants when you don't keep policies and rules enforced. In order to keep your rules and regulations enforced, you will need to provide them in writing when a new tenant signs the lease and moves in. Make sure new tenants are aware of the rules by reviewing the lease with them. 

A second part of protecting your rental property is to enforce the regulations. If, for example, a tenant leaves trash in the breezeway, you need to notify them in writing and ask them to remove it. If they continue to break the rules, you can start with an eviction process, depending on your city's tenant laws and also how your lease rules and regulations are written into the contract. 

Handle Maintenance Issues

When maintenance issues arise at your rental property, it is a smart idea to have a system in place to handle problems and make sure the problems are corrected. A rental property is just like any other residence, and it is going to need upkeep and repairs to the interior and other systems. For example, the dishwasher may break down, or the kitchen sink disposal may need replacing. 

It is a good idea to make yourself available to handle repairs as quickly as possible; otherwise, you need to arrange for a maintenance person to handle any problems. Find a good plumbing professional, electrician, carpet cleaning service and painter to help you handle specific tasks for your rental property when needed.

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